Friday, 16 June 2017

Tuesday 6th June Meeting

I'm glad to say that our meeting was both interesting, lively and attended by a good number of people. Three of these were new to the guild. May this interest continue!

Roma was able to help Andrea sort some alpaca that she had been given.
Angela helped Janet and Claire take their first steps in spinning.

Chris had brought an impressive amount of foliage and other materials that we need to collect for our session on Eco Dyeing next month.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tuesday 7th March

A Social Tuesday Evening Meeting

     There was a buzz about last night's meeting with a variety of activities going on.
Jean got her rigid heddle loom warped and ready for her to 'get weaving' on her return home.
Participants of the papermaking workshop, at the last Saturday meeting, brought their dry sheets of paper to show us. Hopefully, those workshop participants unable to come last night will bring their work along to the next meeting.

    The sound could be heard of Spinning wheels, knitting needles and straw being plaited, making the familiar 'music' of eager, productive crafts people. Everyone was working on an individual project.

    A prospective new member made her first visit. A brave thing to do on your own! Hopefully convinced of the friendly, helpful nature of our group, she will soon return.
    Maggie brought cones of alpaca weaving yarn that could be purchased at the extremely reasonable price of £6 per cone. The remains of stock which had been spun for a lady keeping a small 'herd'.

   At our meeting on Saturday 18th of March Sarah Root will pay us a visit to talk about Cotton, as well as show and help some of us to spin this short fibre, considered by many to be a 'tricky customer'.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Papermaking Workshop


   These were the words heard coming from participants towards the end of our papermaking workshop on Saturday and there were, smiles all round!
   Thanks to our member, Chris Dobson, we had a well prepared and interesting workshop, with a wide choice of materials and additions to our papers.
   After Chris' demonstrations on making sheets of paper from two types of recycled, pulped paper, kindly prepared for us, ahead of the day, with the help of her husband - mustn't forget the unseen labour force! - she showed us how to make sheets of silk paper using wallpaper paste as a binding medium. These took a little longer than the pulped paper and necessitated us getting sticky along with the use of a squeegee to get rid of excess paste.

Galanthophile in Our Midst! but have no fear!

  One of our workshop tutor's enduring interests is her collection of snowdrops. To brighten our day further Chris brought a posy of flowers from her garden. Among other beautiful things were snowdrops....20 different snowdrops, each with a different name and all from her collection.
Chris challenged some of us to find the bloom with the name 'Grumpy'. Not a 'handle' you'd expect! If that is the first snowdrop , then the second is 'Cross'. Certainly not names you'd expect for a flower that brightens us up at this time of year!

This is one small swathe of the 'common' snowdrops in my garden. What name could we give them?
'Hump backed bridge' ?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

AGM and Guild Challenge 2016 'Colour'

Well, we had an interesting and lively meeting yesterday. Formalities attended to, challenge entries voted for, two new members and, as usual, lots of support for those undertaking a skill new to them. But then there's nothing unusual in that at Bedfordshire Guild!
With timber and materials already at the hall for new flooring under the stage, our equipment storage trolley, which means we can have safe and easy access to 'tools of our trades' in the very near future, is nearer to completion.

The winner of the 2016 Challenge:- Su Brown, who had woven a striped table runner using 3 shades of clasped weft, a tricky technique with a great effect.
Congratulations again Su!
The Whole Runner: -

Friday, 9 December 2016

Season's Greetings

Members of Bedfordshire Guild send Seasonal Greetings to all!
Especially those members who were not able to to get to the Christmas Party on Tuesday. Not forgetting our life member Jenny Dean and other members of The Association of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers.
A toast to everyone made with Claire's festive punch.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Fun and Laughter

    We had a great meeting on Saturday.  November saw us gather together to do our own work.
    As the year draws to a close we have started to pull out out woolly things, from hand knitted socks to an arm knitted scarf,
    We learned about arm knitting, how Kinder Eggs are the thing to have and that we can eat an alarming amount of chocolate brownies.

    We also found the answer to this riddle:-
What can you do with a kinder egg that you can't do with a salad spinner, Kenwood food mixer(other makes available) or warm tumble dryer and a little soapy water?
Answers on a postcard please (or even an email.)

The answer is in one of our photos!

Some photos from our Open Door session earlier in the year

Our next meeting will be our end of year party - bring a plate or similar .....