Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tuesday 7th March

A Social Tuesday Evening Meeting

     There was a buzz about last night's meeting with a variety of activities going on.
Jean got her rigid heddle loom warped and ready for her to 'get weaving' on her return home.
Participants of the papermaking workshop, at the last Saturday meeting, brought their dry sheets of paper to show us. Hopefully, those workshop participants unable to come last night will bring their work along to the next meeting.

    The sound could be heard of Spinning wheels, knitting needles and straw being plaited, making the familiar 'music' of eager, productive crafts people. Everyone was working on an individual project.

    A prospective new member made her first visit. A brave thing to do on your own! Hopefully convinced of the friendly, helpful nature of our group, she will soon return.
    Maggie brought cones of alpaca weaving yarn that could be purchased at the extremely reasonable price of £6 per cone. The remains of stock which had been spun for a lady keeping a small 'herd'.

   At our meeting on Saturday 18th of March Sarah Root will pay us a visit to talk about Cotton, as well as show and help some of us to spin this short fibre, considered by many to be a 'tricky customer'.

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