Saturday, 16 January 2016

January starts with 4,000 colours

Our AGM was held in the morning, reviewing last year and outlining plans for the coming year.  We thank the two committee members standing down for their hard work on behalf of the Guild. Similarly, we welcome our two new members.

After the sensible business of the AGM, we got on with some fun.  Firstly, drawing the winner of our 2015 Guild challenge and runner up.

Our winner was a handspun shawl with candy floss:

Our close runner up was Helterskelter, completed since our Tapestry Weaving workshop (which was only held in November) using the techniques learned.

Well done to everyone who entered, there was as always, a wide interpretation of the theme.

After lunch, we launched our 2016 colour theme with a simple exercise involving 4,000 colour swatches. Each member was given a photograph with a suggested palette, then let loose on the pile of colour  to find toning and contrasting colours.  The idea being that members will take their final colour palette to use in a future project or as inspiration for one of our activities later this year.

And, last, but not least, there was some spinning tuition going on for one of our visitors ....

2016 Programme and notes

Our programme can be downloaded here with supporting notes here.


  1. Wonderful creativity and colour. Compliments to the group from a daughter in Newcastle!

    1. Thank you. Keep looking, more to come this year!