Monday, 21 March 2016

Colour workshop with Jill Sheperd

Saturday saw our spinning with colour workshop, hosted by Jill.  Starting off, she took us through the history of colour at a brisk pace, whilst keeping us entertained.

Colour theory was more practical as there was a sea of fluff to play with. Jill took us through practical excercises to get us to not only step outside our comfort zone but also understand tangibly how colours work together.

Amongst other things we were shown how to create batts based on our inspiration cue, ranging from images to music.  It was interesting to see that no two were alike.

This was followed by punis from a drum carder, art yarn and much more.  All the workshop participants had a good day, going home with their dream batt to spin. We're looking forward to seeing how they all spin up.

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