Monday, 1 August 2016

Fibre East

After cold and running rain last year, when woolly items were in danger of being hoiked off the display to be worn, this year was an about face. The weather was positively tropical and fairly relentless in terms of heat.

We had a new home this year inside the main buildings with the other Guilds, which collectively made a great entrance, giving inspiration to everyone for shopping.

Our display team had worked hard behind the scenes to get everything organised, with little time to setup, it all came together beautifully.  Members were, as always, very kind in donating their time to demonstrate on two looms, spinning wheels, blending board and drop spindles.

We had lots of visitors through the day - one of the great things about belonging to a Guild is the passion, support and knowledge that is freely shared.  Visitors old and new got to play, advice on everything from processing fleece to warping looms, and a warm invitation to come visit if they are in the neighbourhood.

Our display this year was based on our Guild theme - Colour.  Members brought in work they have done in workshops, own work and home work!

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