Monday, 28 November 2016

Fun and Laughter

    We had a great meeting on Saturday.  November saw us gather together to do our own work.
    As the year draws to a close we have started to pull out out woolly things, from hand knitted socks to an arm knitted scarf,
    We learned about arm knitting, how Kinder Eggs are the thing to have and that we can eat an alarming amount of chocolate brownies.

    We also found the answer to this riddle:-
What can you do with a kinder egg that you can't do with a salad spinner, Kenwood food mixer(other makes available) or warm tumble dryer and a little soapy water?
Answers on a postcard please (or even an email.)

The answer is in one of our photos!

Some photos from our Open Door session earlier in the year

Our next meeting will be our end of year party - bring a plate or similar .....

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